Why Solar Panel Cleaning?

Get the most out of your solar panels with a quick clean routine. Cost effective, piece of mind for your system.

Why clean my panels?

Dirty solar panels reduce the panels capacity to absorb UV rays. This in result will limit the systems exporting capabilities which will ultimately lead to you paying more for your energy consumption. 

Lack of maintenance to panels can also lead to undesirable system problems that can void manufacturer warranties.

You wouldn’t not service your vehicle, consider servicing your solar system. Contact us today!

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What causes my panels to become dirty?

Bird droppings, Wind dust, Leaves and branches, Airborne pollutants, Flowers and pollen. Moss and algae can all lead to a loss in energy output.

How can we help? 
Solar Air Energy use professionally trained cleaners with only top of the line recommended cleaning equipment and demineralised water for a streak free finish.
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5 Reasons to get your Solar Panels Cleaned

A simple solar clean can improve the efficiency and output of your system.

1) Cost effective

Our cleaning service is extremely cost effective. If you’re an existing Solar Air Energy customer, get in touch today to discuss our loyalty program.

2) Improve efficiency

Dirt and grime can effect your systems capabilities, get a qualified solar technician to inspect your system for improvements.

3) Mitigate cost

Having regular solar cleans will allow our technicians to keep an eye on your system and keeps you informed of any issues you may face.

4) Improve longevity

Regular cleans could help your system endure over time. Sustain your investment and maintain your warranty period with regular cleans and services.

5) Fast turnaround

Our servicing team are extremely responsive and can get your systems cleaned on short notice, make sure you’re maximising your savings today.

Workmanship Guarantee

A Solar company you can trust.

At Solar Air Energy, we believe the customer comes first.

Every single one of our systems is professionally installed and signed off by accredited and qualified technicians. Our systems are only installed by our in-house solar technicians to ensure the highest standard is delivered on every job.

The foundation of Solar Air Energy is built around the relationships we build with our customers. This reputation was built through 100% satisfaction guarantee!